Patriots vs Jets

Patriots vs Jets : The Jets, particularly on offense, have regressed badly over the last month. They’ve averaged a paltry 10.75 points per game over their last four contests. A less-than-100-percent Sam Darnold potentially returning off a bye week won’t solve all their problems.

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NFL Football Week 12
Patriots vs Jets
Date : Sunday, November 25
Time : 1:00 Pm Et

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The Patriots should be highly-motivated off an embarrassing loss to the Titans going into their bye week. Prior to that 10-point debacle, Tom Brady and company averaged 35.5 points per game over their last six contests. New York’s pass rush (26th in the league at 22 sacks) isn’t potent enough to slow Brady down.

New England continues to be a reliable bet, going 16-6 against the spread in their last 22 road games. By contrast, the Jets have failed to cover in four of their last five contests. This is a big number, but the Patriots should win comfortably.

 If you choose this option, be sure to download your parking pass and add to your phone’s wallet prior to arriving to MetLife Stadium. Please be sure to review the MetLife Stadium parking map to plan your arrival route accordingly.Of all the professional sports rivalries involving teams from Boston, Patriots-Jets is probably the least intense.

It has nothing on Red Sox-Yankees (best rivalry in all of sports), and probably not much on Bruins-Canadiens (we hate the Habs) or even Celtics-Lakers (Beat LA! Beat LA!). Those three rivalries are top notch, and are widely considered the best rivalries in each of their respective sports.

As for the Patriots and the Jets, it’s definitely not the most intense rivalry in the NFL. That belongs to Chicago and Green Bay.

But nevertheless, anytime the Pats and Jets get together, the general sports rivalry between the cities of Boston and New York gets revived. There is always plenty of dislike there, entirely because of the cities involved.

Maybe one day, this rivalry will be evenly matched. For almost two decades, New England has had Tom Brady, while New York has fiddled around with quarterbacks like Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith … just to name a few. Maybe Sam Darnold can break the Jets out of their quarterback funk, if he can eventually get past his rookie season jitters (he’s had A LOT of those).

However, if Brady (apparently having knee problems) is ruled out for Sunday’s game — which I highly doubt Brady would allow to happen in a million years — then the two teams might be on an even playing field. I don’t care who the Jets throw out there at the QB position, I would take that person over Brian Hoyer any day of the week.

If that actually did happen, then there might be a pretty interesting game taking place at the Meadowlands on Sunday. At least, it would be interesting until the Jets fans start screaming their ridiculous.

Hue Jackson has spent the last two and a half seasons screwing over the Browns as their head coach. Now he has the opportunity to screw them over once again as a member of Cincinnati’s coaching staff. He might have been plenty useless in the past, but now he can practically give Cleveland’s playbook to the Bengals.

With three games already out of the way thanks to Thanksgiving Day, let’s plow through the rest of these Week 12 picks.There are two factors that make this game interesting. Firstly, Josh Allen is making his return to the Bills after more than a month away, officially putting an end to the revolving door of quarterbacks that have passed through Buffalo in the last few weeks.

Secondly, Leonard Fournette is getting back into his groove for the Jags, which is the one and only thing about Jacksonville’s offense that isn’t totally putrid.Philly is 1-4 against the spread at home this season. Isn’t it wild that this Eagles team beat the Pats in the Super Bowl about nine months ago? And that was with Nick Foles. Unreal.

If the Pats are starting Brian Hoyer, then I’m rolling with the Jets plus-10 all day, every day. There’s no way New England covers a 10-point spread on the road with Hoyer. Not in a million years

That being said, there’s no way Brady doesn’t play unless his knee is literally broken, or his ACL is torn, or something of that nature. Brady doesn’t miss games unless he’s near death.

But honestly, even with Brady on the field, I’m still taking the Jets plus-10 because they always keep it really close with the Patriots at MetLife Stadium, for some reason.